Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need an attorney to evict a tenant?  You do not need an attorney to perform an eviction. Using an eviction service such as ours will most likely make the process a lot easier on you.

  2. How much will a typical eviction cost me?  Though there is no “typical” eviction, we’ve seen it all, you should plan on allocating approximately $x.xx to $x.xx per instance.

  3. Can’t I just download some forms online and do it myself?  Sure, but we don’t advise you do your own dentistry either.

  4. Why shouldn’t I just use the Sheriff’s department to do the work?  We do the job much faster and efficiently. Our only priority is performing and enforcing evictions. We’re less expensive, and we will even set up an account for larger clients to help manage expenses.

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