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30 Years Of Trust

I have worked with Jon Tronrud for over 30 years in managing properties, representing landlords, and assisting other property managers with evictions. JT has always handled the FED (eviction) process professionally and with a clear understanding of the law and procedures involved. I have come to rely on VIP Eviction Services for help in dealing with difficult tenants, FED proceedings, and the especially difficult cases.

Allen E. Gardner

Attorney at Law

eviction paperwork

JT Really Knows His Stuff.

“If you have any questions or issues with regards to tenant or landlord law, he is the person to talk to. As both a tenant or landlord, you need to walk a fine line of law in order to comply, and Jon knows this fine line. He can help with wording of messages or actions to take to be within the letter of the law. Having this knowledge on your side will help to ease your mind through stressful situations. I would highly recommend JT at VIP Eviction Services.”
Eugene, Oregon

Old Doors Eviction Notice

Invaluable Service

“JT  is an invaluable source of knowledge, education and support in helping me evict tenants who are actively damaging my rental property. Jon’s consulting ensured that I received the maximum award allowed in small claims court, while successfully defending myself against a counter-suit. I highly recommend JT’s services in navigating the ever-changing dynamics of Oregon Landlord-Tenant law.”
Joan Gasior, Landlord
Time vs Money

A Difficult Job Indeed

“I manage 7 communities of which 6 of them are in the Eugene and Springfield areas. This is my 21st  year managing these properties. Without VIP Eviction Services my job would be very difficult.  I’ve worked with JT for years and know I can trust that his company files exactly what I need and follows up throughout the process. JT is always there for me with any advice I may need.  I appreciate VIP Eviction Services more than they could know.”
Kim Bomark
Regional Manager
Sunburst Contemporary Homes, Daneland and Oak Acres MHP, and Lochaven and Rosebay, LLC
Eugene, Oregon

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